2016 Monastic Visit

The Kuala Lumpur Meditation Group of Self Realization Fellowship is pleased to announce that we will have a Monastic Tour led by Self-Realization Fellowship monks from 3rd of November to 6th of November 2016.

The event will include a satsang & reception on Thursday, 3rd November. The following day, Friday, 4th November, there will be a free public lecture followed by a meet and greet reception. On Saturday morning, 5th November, there will be classes on Paramahansa Yogananda’s teachings and meditation techniques and in the evening, a Kriya Yoga Initiation for eligible students of SRF. On Sunday morning, 6th November, there will be a meditation and inspirational service followed by kriya yoga review class and in the afternoon, a closing program with a video screening.

The above programs will be held at Kuala Lumpur Meditation Group Premises (for Thursday satsang and reception), Perdanasiswa Auditorium, University Malaya (for Friday public lecture and reception) and at the Crystal Ballroom, Crystal Crown Hotel, Petaling Jaya (for Saturday and Sunday program).

We welcome your participation in this weekend program and hope that you can join us for the whole weekend.

For the complete schedule, please click here

If you need a hotel room, please click here

If you wish to attend the meditation technique classes, please click here to subscribe to the SRF Lessons .

If you wish to attend the Kriya Initiation ceremony, please click here

Please note that you must present your SRF student or Kriyaban card to attend the technique classes and Kriya Initiation.

All are welcome to attend the Thursday satsang & reception, Friday evening public lecture & reception as well as the Sunday morning program and closing event.

Important links for the 2016 Monastic Tour on this site:

Monastic Tour Flyer

Public Lecture Flyer

Hotel Registration Information

Directions to KL-SRF Center, Perdanasiswa Auditorium, UM and Crystal Crown Hotel, Petaling Jaya

Tour Schedule

Kriya Application Information

Mother Center Announcement Letter

Tour Donations

Further information: If you need further information, please contact Mrs Puvanes at 012-296 2012, Mr Shan at 016-535 7335 or Mrs Pancha at 012-237 6915 or e-mail us at klmg.SRF@gmail.com.